Mangione Imagery | Artist Statement

Purple water lilies

Just look around…there is natural beauty everywhere.  Art is created through many different mediums and for me it is through my photography, graphic design, and interior decorating.

I believe that great photographs are waiting to be found. My inspiration has always been to take pleasure in discovering the natural beauty that surrounds us and to capture that piece of nature or that moment in time and recreate it so that you can experience it over and over again. The images that I have captured on film are only enhanced by the effects of the camera and natural light and are an accurate interpretation of nature’s beautiful surroundings that inspire me. Landscapes, floral and lighthouses are considered my specialty; however I have been exploring with more abstract images recently. I enhance my artwork with customized matting and framing to further magnify the beauty and serenity that has been captured and to showcase the work of nature. I am a member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

My passion in the Arts has always been creating an experience; whether it is incorporating composition, form and color to create invoking visual messages through graphical designs or incorporating style and beauty into a comfortable living space through interior decorating. “Form Follows Function” is the philosophy that all my artistic designs start from.  Through graphic designs, I strive to create a message that informs, educates, influences, persuades, and provides a visual experience for the viewer.  My interior designs draw upon inspirations that nature provides us and brings those elements and moments into creating ones own personal sanctuary.


Biographical Background

Bernadette Mangione has been creative since her early childhood. Encouraged by her parents to pursue her creative interests, Bernadette fell in love with photography in high school while taking a black and white photography class.  Spending hours in the darkroom and perfecting her prints, she made the decision to follow her passion and pursue photography as a career. Wanting to increase her creativity, Bernadette began taking courses in graphic design and found combining the two disciplines very gratifying.  Today she draws upon her experience and her passion for the Arts to create and capture special moments in time. Using her camera and its effects and natural lighting, Bernadette’s photographs capture the natural beauty that surrounds us with her unique flare for lighthouses, landscapes and floral.  Her love of travel provides her with new places to explore and new surroundings to capture.  Recently she has been exploring nature at closer range resulting in more abstract imagery capturing nature’s awesome color, texture and form in other ways.

Located outside of Philadelphia PA, Bernadette is a graduate of New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology and carries a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. She has over 15 years of photographic experience mixed with 10 years as a graphic designer and has recently entered into the interior design space with an Interior Decorating Certificate from Philadelphia University, PA. She is also a member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.