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Less then a 2 hour flight from the beaches of New Jersey, an island of dangerous rocks (if you're a ship), pink sand and beautiful aqua blue water awaits. Bermuda, just over 20 Square Miles, thrives as a tourist destination and economic hub for offshore banking (their largest industry - tourism is second). It's still a British territory, has a Governor appointed by the Queen, and is protected by the UK military (although the US had a base their up to the early 90's). With 181 actual islands to rocks making up the Bermuda Islands, and with it's rich past and diverse population, photo opportunities are abundant. In this small collection, you'll find:

The colors of Hamilton and surrounding landscape of ocean and florals, including the Bermuda Botanical Gardens.

Bermuda Maritime Museum and the Royal Naval Dockyard.

The only two working lighthouses, St. Davids Lighthouse in St. George, and Gibb's Hill Lighthouse in Southampton.

The famous Elbow Beach, Horseshoe Bay and Stonehole Bay.

Fort St. Catherine in the Town of St. Georges.

The Bermuda Cathedral Tower, located in Cathedral Of The Most Holy Trinity Church two blocks down from our ship in Hamilton.

17 Century graves along the property of St. Peters Anglican Church. The church was built around 1620 and contains dark reminders of segregation, where two separate grave yards exist. The slaves are buried in an area walled off, away from the white parishioners.

The Unfinished Church, originally designed to replace Saint Peters. It looks bombed out, much like a particular church in Mainz, Germany I remember. However this one just isn't finished yet (they started in 1874).
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